Ukret Kam 300 Kakroney Nea Samaiy Thang-[20 END]


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The Untold Stories of Tang Dynasty (2018) During the Li Zhen Guan period of the New Tang Dynasty, the fragmented pages of “Tui Bei Tu”, which was rumored to predict the future of the land, reappeared. Rumors boiled over the land, saying that the former female emperor, Empress Xiao, was about to reincarnate and usurp the throne again. Several weird and cruel murder cases occurred one after another. And all doubts point to concubine Yu Gui Fei, who was loved by the emperor. When people were in a state of panic, Li Mo Bai, a well-known gifted scholar, devoted himself to the people and went to the palace to seek officials. He was ordered to investigate the murders and find out the truths. Taking advantage of the opportunity to write poems for the imperial concubine, he vowed to “compose three hundred poems and solve three hundred cases.” In the process of protecting the safety of the people and solving cases, he found himself embroiled in a massive conspiracy.