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Long ago, in the oldest part of Siam, called Panchala Nakhon, there lived a handsome young man named Prince Suthon he was the only child of King Athityawong and Queen Chanthathevi. The young prince was a remarkable young man, handsome, intelligent, and kind.

It seemed as if he had mastered every grace and showed an aptitude for many skills, but in one sport, archery, he had exceptional ability. In the kingdoms to the east and west of Panchala Nakhon, Prince Suthon was called Good Arrow.

Good King Athityawong and Queen Chanthathevi were proud of their son and were determined to find him a wife who was as beautiful as the rose and as gentle as a doe. The king and queen observed many young ladies, but none of them showed promise of being a gracious and noble queen.

One spoke with a harsh twang in her voice. Another lacked grace in her walk The third was not clever enough, and the fourth was plain. The fifth could not sing sweetly. The sixth could not dance gracefully. The seventh lacked regal poise. When the eighth princess was rejected because she giggled too much, the entire kingdom became concerned.

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